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How Writing Your Story Can Help You Heal

The written and spoken word is extremely powerful. Words can be used as medicine- or weapons- and it’s up to us to decide, each and every time we open our mouths or set pen to paper. Which will we choose? Build up…or tear down… inspire, insult or humiliate? Heal and help- or hurt?

A lady writing her story to heal from trauma and through Christian counseling in 60637

The honest and simple fact is, there’s A LOT of healing that comes from writing, whether for ourselves personally and privately- or for an audience. Making peace with your life and the struggles you’ve endured and overcome along your journey is paramount to not only true, deep and lasting healing- but excellent writing. Socrates said ‘The unexamined life is not worth living’. So very true. And, from a mental health perspective, it pretty much boils down to this key point: You can’t heal what you won’t allow yourself to feel. (This is such an important point in the healing process, I’m going to repeat it a couple more times in this article- just to make sure you truly get it!) Writing- whether in the form of journaling or an actual book- is extremely healing. It calls you to face yourself and leave nothing inside you left lurking or hiding. Very cathartic indeed. But even more than that, we learn and gain perspective, inspiration and hope from reading the stories of others; their struggles, heartaches, overcoming and triumphs.

It’s human nature to want to reach out to help and inspire others after overcoming a challenge or a trauma. We’re wired for that interaction and sharing. The desire to help and heal does seem to be the inspiration for most authors to write and publish. I’ve never worked with an author that just wanted to tell their story for mere fame, fortune or revenge!

The use of parables was very important in Jesus’ ministry and the process by which he taught people. We’re much like that today. We want to help and inspire and bless and heal through the sharing of our struggles and what all we’ve learned along the way. Doing so makes a huge difference and we’re then better able to minister and spread Light in a dark and very lost world. We’re all here to help each other and to serve Him. Writing can be a lovely way to do that. But it can also be very scary and unnerving to share your writing with others! Doing so is an intimate exchange on a profound level. We pour ourselves, heart and soul, onto the page; picking every single word with tremendous care and holding nothing of ourselves back in the process.

It can feel- and be- DAUNTING. But I like to remind new authors: how many times in the Bible does it tell us FEAR NOT. DO NOT FEAR. 365! That equates to one time for every single day of the year. That is not a coincidence!

Writing your story to heal from trauma and through Christian counseling in 60637

Yes, laying yourself bare in print is terrifying- but if you have a light-filled message in your heart and feel the call to write- you MUST do so! This world needs your message. Write your first draft without judging it. Just let it flow without getting in the way. After that, sit with what you’ve written for a while and then, when you’re ready, go back in and start to tighten, hone and improve what you’ve written. Writing is a science, an art and a craft. Far too often, good stories never get told because people stand in fear and judge themselves and their efforts harshly. That can be crippling to the creative process. If God has placed that calling on your heart- He will find the way to help you bring it to life.

Should you not feel up to the challenge of writing or feel that perhaps writing isn’t your strong suit, you can always consider hiring a Ghostwriter. A Ghostwriter provides an author with all the writing and editing skills the author may be lacking. Usually, there’s a lengthy and carefully crafted interview process that occurs between the author and the Ghostwriter, and many notes are taken- as well as video documentation featuring the author discussing their story idea in great detail. No pertinent point is overlooked. The Ghostwriter then places all these bits and pieces in order and writes the story, with the input and guidance of the author. The Ghostwriter usually gets paid a fee (Industry Standard is a monetary amount per word). The author’s name goes on the book- and the book becomes the author’s work. The Ghostwriter- if they’re a good one- then keeps their lips sealed and goes merrily on their way- letting the author bask in the glory of their story successfully and forever placed in book form. This can be a good way to go if you know for sure you have a solid story but your writing skills are lacking. But I digress. Let’s get back to our real topic.

True healing takes time and is the process of a lifetime. And, there are many ways to get there. Writing is an extremely important and time-tested one. As I said earlier, if you don’t allow yourself to FEEL it, you can’t HEAL it. Words have the power to bless or curse, and the Bible states this very clearly. Especially those words we tell OURSELVES on a daily basis. We really need to be much more mindful about the words we use. They need to be light-filled as much as possible, especially when directed at ourselves. And, of course, it goes without saying, true healing always, always, ALWAYS comes from God. He is the Master Physician- but we are His hands and feet on this earthly plane. He uses us: our hearts, our minds, our thoughts, our words.

A lady experiencing healing after writing her story and through Christian counseling in 60637

Do you feel in your heart that you have a testimony God wants you to share? Why? Who could you help by sharing your testimony and writing a book? How could your story bless and serve others? Who might suffer if you don’t share your story? If God put this calling on your heart, then all it takes is for you to make that first step of faith. He will provide the rest. And if you don’t act upon this calling, how will you feel 20 years from now? What will mankind have missed? These same questions should be asked of yourself as you weigh the prospect of journaling to heal. Where will all those pent-up thoughts, feelings and emotions go if you don’t direct them to flow out onto a page? How will they negatively impact your health and your life- and those you love and care about if you don’t face them and purge them from your heart, mind and body? The world has gotten so very dark. If there is light in you to share- now more than ever: SHARE IT!!! is here to help. Sandra and I have our bios posted there, as well as a great deal of detailed and helpful information about our publishing house, the services we offer and how the publishing process works. You can even submit your manuscript to us directly via the website, should you be ready to have it consider for publication.

Final Thought

My closing thought for you is this: write as you live: always from the heart. Whether you choose to pursue possible publication, or just want to write privately in a journal for yourself, PICK UP YOUR PEN AND GET OUT OF YOUR WAY- AND HIS!

You are important- and what you have to share is important. Pick your words carefully and take a faith step regularly.

FEEL IT so you can HEAL IT. I’ve repeated that several times during this article because doing so IS KEY! And, then, turn back and help others along their journey, once you’ve healed.

Now, get writing!

About Author

Carrie E. Pierce is a ghostwriter, author and publisher. She is the co-founder of Morgan Pierce Media & Publishing, a premium-level, hybrid publisher that removes the intimidation often felt on the publishing journey. Carrie has seen firsthand how sharing your story via a book can be such a large part in your healing journey. On top of your book helping you, your story most certainly will help others on their own healing journeys. Unfortunately, many people who want to share their stories don’t know where to begin. Carrie focuses on the role a book can play in your healing journey as well as some practical advice on HOW to become a published author.

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