Healing Groups

Life is full of struggles. But sometimes, we can suffer from a heart wound that seems too hard to shake.  Our team understands how difficult it can be to express your pain, which is why we are here to offer you the support and spiritual guidance you need to move forward.

Faith on the Journey partnered with the Trauma Healing Institute, to facilitate healing groups.  Healing groups are bible studies that address trauma.  The Trauma Healing Institute, who designed the model, is a global organization dedicated to helping people around the world heal from the pain of trauma.


The curriculum was developed by a committee of top biblical scholars and psychologists from around the world.   FOTJ trains lay leaders on the curriculum, equipping them to facilitate healing groups at their church or organization.  FOTJ also offers healing groups throughout the year. 


La Tonja Ellis

Senior Pastor Turner AME Church

The Trauma Healing Group was phenomenal. It not only challenged my knowledge of trauma and its effects, it allowed me to evaluate my own traumatic life experiences.  After attending the group sessions, I felt more free (mentally and spiritually) than ever before.  This group changed my life in a short period of time by jump starting my journey towards healing.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a healing group?

Our healing groups will provide you with a safe space to engage in discussions and biblical teachings over the course of several weeks. Throughout this process, we will guide you through spiritual rituals and interactive activities, while also providing room for conversations about “BIG” question related to God and suffering, grief and loss, and forgiveness. We offer additional lessons on resilence, childhood trauma, and generational trauma. Healing groups offer you an opportunity to develop an extended family among other believers, so by the conclusion of the group, you will leave feeling renewed, restored, and healed.

Are the healing groups in person or virtual?

Healing groups were typically offered in person, however, we are currently offering these groups virtually due to COVID-19. Once it is safe to convene in person, we will schedule in-person healing groups but will continue to offer them virtually as well.

What is the time commitment for the healing groups?

Each healing group can be tailored to the needs of the organization/participants; therefore, the time commitment varies. Generally speaking, a healing group can be completed over the course of six to eight weeks. Sessions are two hours long. Upon request, groups can cover supplemental topics, which can extend the length of the healing groups.

When can I sign up for a healing group?

FOTJ offers healing groups at different points throughout the year, and advertises upcoming classes on its email list and website. If interested in participating in a healing group, sign up for our healing group waitlist. Individuals on the waitlist will be notified when they can register for a healing group during the next open enrollment period.

Can I organize a Healing Group for my church or organization?

Yes. FOTJ works with churches and faith based organizations who desire to offer this as a service to it's members. If you would like to organize a private healing group session for your church or organization, please contact us at for more information.

What can I do to get support while I wait for the next Healing Group to start?

If you missed the registration period, there several other resources available for you. You can explore the Faith on the Journey website to read blog posts and listen to podcasts that address trauma. You can contact us about coordinating your own healing group. There are also online courses available that cover topics that are explored during the healing group.

Can I become a Trauma Healing Institute Facilitator?

Yes. FOTJ offers equipping sessions for individuals who desire to facilitate healing groups. Currently, FOTJ is only offering this services to individuals sponsored by a church or organization. Our team walks lay leaders through the process of organizing and facilitating a healing group at their respective organization. Organizations can sign up for a pre-scheduled facilitator training through FOTJ, or they can organize a private training at their location. To learn more, email


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