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Jennifer Davis

Jennifer completed her Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychology at Troy University, and her Doctorate of Christian Counseling at The Institute for Faith Based Counseling. Her 20 plus years of clinical experience across a variety of settings include outpatient specialty clinics, crisis intervention, structured outpatient programs, inpatient psychiatric facilities, large non-profits, ministry positions, and private practice. 

My Story

My Inspiration for Becoming a Counselor...

I am a divorcee and parent of 8 kids due to being in a blended family. I have suffered several miscarriages, and I'm a survivor of emotional abuse, and my kids have been through the trauma of sexual abuse. I have had trauma that God has radically healed. I see so many people who are just "surviving" in their lives and I want to help people "thrive". I want to see people be freed and live with joyful abandonment in all areas of their lives.

A Little More About Me...

I am extremely passionate about uplifting and giving a voice to those who are often overlooked or judged unfairly by society. With specialties in birth to five attachment, human sexuality, and trauma-informed care, my approach emphasizes an integrative, dynamic, and holistic approach to mental health. I am particularly concerned with the impacts of loss and trauma and improving interventions to support trauma recovery for better emotional, physical, and relationship health. I strive to see families reunified and people brought back to wholeness.


If You Are Nervous About Receiving Counseling...

1. God has led you to this moment and is just waiting to help you receive the breakthrough that you are searching for.


2. I have been in your shoes and your decision to receive counseling is such a courageous step.  It would be my honor to be a part of your journey.


3. Taking the first step is often the hardest part but it is the most crucial part to moving towards the healing and freedom you are seeking.

"God will heal and mend. It's what He does; it's who He is." (Author unknown)

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