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About FOTJ Podcast

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Faith on the Journey is a Christian company that helps those who feel stuck, due to painful events in their past, to move forward.  People turn to us for encouragement, resources, and spiritual direction. We provide this by sharing incredible testimonies of faith, providing practical tools, and creating safe environments for healing to take place.  We utilize proven concepts from the mental health field and biblical principles to help people to uncover, process, and heal from unresolved trauma that has held them captive to their past. Learn more about FOTJ HERE.

Topics for the Show

This podcast is designed to be an additional resource for our community.  We cover topics such as grief and loss, domestic violence, sexual abuse, addiction, and other issues that lead to heart wounds in a person’s life.  Guests are invited on the show to offer helpful advice as a subject matter expert or to share a testimony about how God helped them heal from a painful experience in the past.  Learn more about the type of topics we are looking to discuss on the show HERE.

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Inquiring Guests

We are excited to learn more about you.  If you believe you would be a great fit for our show, please fill out the form HERE, and someone from our team will follow up with you about the possibility of you joining our show. 

Steps for Selected Guests

We are grateful to have you on the show with us and look forward to your interview.  We outlined your next steps below.


1. Select Show Topic 

Download a SHOW TOPICS sheet to help with ideas.  Email me any materials that you believe support your topic (ie: a few pages from your book, background about your company, etc).  You can also send me suggested questions for the show.  Learn more about the show format HERE.

2. Select Written Feature Format


Select how you would like to be featured in written form.  We want to make sure you get as much exposure as possible, so we will feature you on our blog as well.  The blog will be either written as an informational piece, in the form of a “How To” (ie: How to support someone who is grieving the loss of a spouse), Q & A, or as a featured testimonial. If you are coming on the show as an expert in your field and you enjoy writing, we encourage you to submit a guest blog post to accompany your podcast.  However, if writing is "not your thing" or you don’t have time, we will schedule a Q & A interview with you, and we will take care of the writing.  Complete this Guest Confirmation FORM to confirm your topic and select the format for your written feature.

3. Get scheduled.

Next, it’s time to get you scheduled.  If you are sharing a testimonial, then you need to schedule a pre-Interview.  If you are planning to submit a guest blog piece or we are writing a Q&A blog post, no pre-interview is required.  We just request that you submit the draft of your blog post the day before your podcast interview.  Schedule your podcast interview

4. Submit Podcast Release

You will receive an email through DocuSign with the podcast release form within 48-72 hours after you submit your Guest Confirmation Form.  Please review, sign, and submit it.  WE NEED THIS BACK BEFORE YOUR INTERVIEW.


5. Prepare for the Show


We want to make sure we offer a quality segment for our guests, so there are a couple of things you can do on your end to make sure the show is a success.  Download the simple guide HERE that tells you everything you need to know to prepare and what to expect the day of the show. 

6. Record and Promote the Show


After we record, you can expect your podcast to be released between 1-3 weeks later.  We will inform you of the release date well in advance.  You will get the marketing materials in advance to promote the upcoming show.  

To help us reach as many people as possible with our message, we ask our guests to do three things, which are:


*Share the episode on all of your social media platforms.

*If you have an email list, share the written feature (which will also include a link for the podcast) to your email list.

*Make the link of the written feature available on your website (if applicable).    

If you have additional questions about the podcast, feel free to email us at  Also, if you haven’t already, please subscribe to receive updates and access to other FOTJ feature podcasts HERE.

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