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Faith on the Journey

21 Day Challenge

“Why wait until January 1st to better yourself?”  Change Starts Today!   

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Countdown to Challenge

Well, 2019 is pretty much a wrap, and before you know it, we are going to wake up in a brand New year.  Several of us are planning to wait until January 1st to begin our New Year’s resolution, but if you’re like me, you’ve had your fair share of resolutions that started with good intentions, but failed miserably.

But what if I was able to tell you the reason why you failed? 

What if I told you that by starting your New Year’s resolution on January 1st, you were already setting yourself up for failure? 

​What if I told you that there is a system that you could put in place to ensure that you can go into 2020 victorious?

So what are you talking about Jocelyn???  I’m glad you asked.


What I’m talking about is not a New Year's resolution.  I’m talking about the type of change where the old ways of being that hold you back or captive, will become like a distant stranger to you.  I’m talking about the type of change, where you are fully walking in the power of God, and you see life with new purpose, clarity, and meaning.  I’m talking about a change where your personal growth will have an impact on generations to come. I’m talking about transformational change. 

The theme of this challenge is "Overcoming FEAR," designed to prepare you to leave behind any negative habits, beliefs, or people that are preventing you from experiencing what God wants to offer you in 2020. 

This 21-day challenge is for you if:

You are tired of establishing New Year’s resolutions that end up becoming an afterthought halfway through January.

You find yourself feeling stuck in a certain area of your life, and you do not want to bring that issue into the new year with you.

If you believe that God is going to elevate you in 2020, and you recognize that you need to prepare yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually for what’s ahead for you to go to that next level.

If you are seeking to go deeper with your walk with God, but don’t know where to start.

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We want you to get to that next level, and we want to be by your side every step of the way.  By signing up for this FREE challenge, you will gain access to:

Our private Facebook group, where you will receive daily encouragement and can establish valuable connections to a community of believers who are committed to growing in their relationship with God.

Practical tools that are designed to challenge, equip, and reveal to you blind spots in your life that are inhibiting your growth.

An accountability system to help you stay the course.

A plan to leave the mess that has held you back in 2019, so you can walk into the New Year victorious!

If  your  answer  is  yes  to  any  of  these questions,  you  are  in  the  right   place!

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The challenge begins Wednesday, December 11th.  If you are ready to experience transformational change, claim your spot now!

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