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Intentional Healing

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

How does one heal intentionally? Healing is the process of making; becoming sound or healthy (in good health). Intentional is doing something on purpose. Intentional healing is purposely progressing to good health.

The Bible says healing means to restore. As a preacher's kid, I grew up knowing God is the ultimate healer. For instance, God created our bodies to correct themselves when damaged (i.e., skin and bones) through time. Also, Jesus died, through physical suffering, carrying all of our pain and hurt to the cross I Peter 2:24, but when it came to my journey of healing, it wasn't that clear to understand.

For years I have lived each day as it presented itself. I didn't think to live being present in the moment. Time was like how I viewed the wind, moving through the leaves on a tree; moments just blew by. I didn't realize the trauma I experienced throughout my life was a piling of unhealthy moments I never dealt with until I was in my twenties, and that pile grew into a mountain I could no longer ignore.

As I matured, I realized the healing I needed was creating a new lifestyle. It took me sitting and saying to myself, "You need to handle your mountain." But it wasn't easy. It was deliberate, strategic and it took many hours, days, months, and years up to this present day. I often wonder, what if my younger years were trauma-free? What if I dealt with my pile of issues earlier in life? How would that have shaped me and grown me? What would I have become?

These questions were a part of my mountain itching to be noticed. I put my pain and distrust on a shelf; I dismissed it, I said, "you will forget." Because of ignoring it, I suffered from bulimia; I was voiceless and the best illusionist with two faces—one for others to see and an internal face of brokenness. Until one day, the shelf broke, the issues confronted me like a British Guard in front of the Buckingham Palace, and finally, my mind exploded with memories from my past, causing me to have an emotional breakdown.

It wasn't until I was intentional about managing my healing that the road to becoming my authentic self began. To be intentional is to be deliberate, take a pause by recognizing what's happening and doing something about it—allowing time to be my friend and being patient while working on the damaged parts of me. This healing process wasn't easy by no stretch of the word. After years of being conscientious of my feelings and health, it took tears and hours of reflecting on being healthier in mind, body, and spirit.

There are many tools to get someone to a healthier self. I share with you some tools I used to sustain a better self. However, this might not fit everyone. You have to find what will work for you but know professional counseling or therapy is my number one "go-to." I wouldn't have come as far as I have without that mediator to walk me through the darkest moments of my life.

Because the church is a significant part of my life, I can't give tools without mentioning the power of prayer and the spiritual edification of reading the word. However, dealing with unresolved issues can lend itself to moments when I felt that reading the Bible and prayer were estranged and the feeling of being disconnected.

Another essential tool when being intentional about healing is having people around that you trust. When you need to vent and release those reflecting moments, true friendships can be your sounding board and aid in being honest with yourself.

Journaling is a lost practice. Writing down thoughts and feelings is extracting your mind and soul. Don't concern yourself by writing scholarly or appropriate. It's your time to get it out, and surprising enough, this practice takes the pressure off your mind and allows it to rest.

One last tool I will mention is to do something you enjoy and stick with it. This "thing" does not have to be costly but just something you might have never done. I started painting as my tool. I never painted before, but you would have thought I was Picasso. I painted almost every day for a year and loved it. Doing something that stretches you and excites you presents happiness, and we all need to be happy.

These tools and more continue to work for me, and my therapist is on speed dial when I need her. Find your journey but be sure to make it INTENTIONAL!

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