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Carolyn Evans

Carolyn Evans is a 55 year old Mother of 4 Children. She was raised in Easton PA. Carolyn developed a early love for humankind. Since a young woman she has served helping those who were the less fortunate and provided many with clothing, food, and sometimes shelter. Carolyn has served in homeless shelters, hospitals, clinics and has counseled many who have suffered tragic events in life. Although she found joy in serving, her life was not without its our tragic events. She has faced many challenges that forced her to fight for a better life. Today she uses her life experiences to help others over come and achievers.

My Story

In 2007 Carolyn was called by God to serve as a Chaplain and now serves for two Hospital Networks. She has served a combination of 14 years as a Chaplain for Lehigh Valley Hospital, and St Luke's University Health Network. She has served in the ICU, Emergency Departments, Cancer Units, and Critical Care units for many hospitals within many cities in both networks.

In 2016 Carolyn completed a Pastoral Care Residency Program specializing in Trauma/and Trauma Recovery. She also focused on Mental Health. Her Education background is noted as achieving a Bachelor of Religion in 2012, Masters of Pastoral Counseling in 2014, Masters of Divinity in 2016, all completed at Liberty University. She then went on to achieve a Masters Certificate in Life Coaching with a focus of Psychology at Grand Canyon University 2018. In 2021 Carolyn completed a Masters of Human Services Trauma and Crisis Response at the School of Behavioral Sciences at Liberty University.

Carolyn was widowed after losing her husband to a bout with Cancer in 2017. She believes her determination and drive was possible because of the love she has for humankind.

In 2018 Carolyn became the Founder of Pillow Chatter for the Community. She launched this Community forum to help those who are suffering from traumatic events. Her Ministry was interrupted due to Covid 19. Carolyn found Covid 19 to be an opportunity for her to serve as a front-liner providing care to patients and staff throughout the Lehigh Valley and Pocono regions.


When Carolyn is not busy at work, she loves listening to music, singing, spending time with her adult children and writing. She is a Poet who writes God-inspired Poetry. She honors God and attributes all of her success and overcoming to Him. Without Him she simply states “I would have not survived.” She states” My Mission now is to make sure that others Survive.”

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