Online Grief Counseling

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We experience grief anytime we lose someone or something that we love. Sometimes the loss can be deemed minor. Other times, the loss can be earth-shattering. The major losses in our lives can cause us to feel hopeless, stuck, or even confused about the road ahead.


If you are grieving, you might find yourself having:


  • A hard time going to sleep or getting out of bed.  

  • Inability to concentrate on basic tasks.

  • An unshakable feeling of guilt or regret after a loss

  • Shame or fear related to the loss.

  • Anger or resentment towards others or even God

These are common responses to loss, and if they describe what you’re experiencing right now, you might need additional support. Our Christian counselors understand and have the compassion, skills, and tools to help you navigate your grief journey.


Types of Grief Counseling


We understand that grief enters our lives for several reasons. Our Christian counseling team has years of experience counseling individuals who are experiencing pain due to:


  • Infertility and Miscarriages 

  • Divorce 

  • Loss of a relationship

  • Chronic illness 

  • Physical Injury

  • Anticipatory or Ambiguous Grief

  • A loss of a child

  • A loss of a parent

  • A loss of a pet

  • Life Transitions


If you recently experienced a loss and are looking for a Christian counselor to accompany you on your healing journey, we would be honored to walk alongside you. Learn more about our team or schedule a free consultation below.