About Faith on the Journey

Faith on the Journey is a Christian company that helps those who feel stuck, due to painful events in their past, to move forward.  People turn to us for encouragement, resources, and spiritual direction. We provide this by sharing incredible testimonies of faith, providing practical tools, and creating safe environments for healing to take place.  We utilize proven concepts from the mental health field and biblical principles to help people to uncover, process, and heal from unresolved trauma that 

has held them captive to their past.  As a part of our family, we will connect you to faith tools, healing groups, and an extended community.

Faith Tools

The book Breaking the Power of the Mask, written by ministry founder Jocelyn J. Jones, is a powerful resource that helps you heal from the pain you’ve buried behind a mask. A free workbook is available for download with your purchase of the book. By joining our email list, you will also receive weekly devotionals, podcasts, and practical tools that help you press forward when your faith is tested. 

Healing Groups

Life is full of struggles and sometimes confronts you with painful events that leave you with a deep heart wound. Our team understands how difficult it can be to merely vocalize the pain you feel inside, but we also know that the pain will not go away without the proper support and spiritual guidance.


Faith on the Journey partnered with the Trauma Healing Institute, to offer healing groups, designed to guide you along your journey towards healing. The Trauma Healing Institute is a global organization dedicated to helping people around the world heal from the pain of trauma. The curriculum, developed by a committee of biblical scholars and psychiatrists, marries concepts from the mental health field and bible, to help you to uncover, process and heal from unresolved trauma that has held you captive in the past.  

Our healing groups will provide you with a safe space to engage in discussions and biblical teachings for six weeks. Throughout this process, we will guide you through spiritual rituals and interactive activities, while also providing room for conversations about “BIG” questions related to God and suffering, grief and loss, and forgiveness amongst other difficult topics. In addition, these healing groups will offer you an opportunity to develop an extended 

family among other believers, so by the conclusion of the group, you will leave feeling renewed, restored, and healed.


Faith on the Journey currently offers healing groups in the Chicagoland area. However, due to COVID-19, we are preparing to offer these healing groups virtually, so we can continue to serve people during their time of need. If you are interested in learning more, please email us at info@faithonthejourney.org


On this journey, we can sometimes feel as if no one understands the pain we are going through. But you are not alone, and we are here. We share stories to remind you of that. Through our Faith Friday Features, we show how God took an ordinary person like you and me from a place of brokenness and despair to a posture of strength and boldness. By hearing stories of people overcoming the bondage of addiction, the shame of abuse, the shackles of unforgiveness, and the paralyzing 

grip of grief and loss, we provide people with a sense of hope and a renewed sense of faith for their journey.  

We also invite you to join our online community through Facebook, to connect with other believers just like you and me, who desire to grow in their relationship with God and embrace life to the fullest. We thank God for your life and know that our Creator made you with a purpose, but to experience what God has for you, you must be whole. Let us walk this journey with you and help build your faith along the way. Join the community HERE.

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Love Life.  Embrace the Journey.

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